Hi everyone! My name is Laura and I'm a 30 years old italian woman, as well as a huge Fleetwood Mac & Christine McVie fan.
Other things that I love are: Alexandra Hedison, paranormal, photography, USA (specially Los Angeles), Canada, baroque, victorian and japanese style, 70s-80s, Xena Warrior Princess, The L Word, Rizzoli & Isles.
All my creations in this blog are just for fans' fun; no copyright infringement is intended. Thanks for watching, enjoy yourself and feel free to contact me if you wish ;)

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This pic of Chris was on the cover of the 1984 magazine “Song Hits”; all I did was removing all writings, reconstructing part of her face, shoulders, shirt and little bow and removing all the blemishes from the background. I then created a wallpaper in two different versions, using another pic from the same photo session.

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